Sony Playstation - Captain Kablooey's Boombastic Bonanza!

"...easily one of the largest and most awesome events we’ve ever thrown..." - The Official Sony Playstation Blog, June 30, 2010

Captain Kablooey's Boobastic Bonanza was an Independance Day-themed community game featured on Sony Playstation Home, where players cooperatively shot fireworks into the sky in order to create the biggest fireworks display possible.

Scott Gentle was selected to provide the voice of the Captain, a loudmouth drill sergeant with a penchant for pyrotechnics. The spot featured an over-the-top patriotic backdrop, complete with a butt-kickin’ Ben Franklin, a rock-and-roll Betsy Ross, and one mild-mannered Canadian mountie.

The tone and style is reminiscent of the in-your-face Saturday morning cartoon advertising of the 1980’s, right down to the Max Headroom-esque shifting background graphics (Dramamine, anyone?).

Think Machoman Randy Savage meets the drill sergeant from Full Metal Jacket meets the guy who does the MonsterTruck announcements (Sunday, Sunday Sunday!!!!). They were looking for an actor with a booming, confident, persuasive tone with a heavy dusting of parody, and Scott delivered mightily - nearly bursting a carotid artery and blowing out his vocal cords in the process!

Client: Sony PlayStation Home
Production House: Hatchback Studios, NYC
Creator: Joe Encarnacion
Character Design: Jeffrey Lee
Motion Graphics: David Ahuja

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