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At 8:34pm on August 13, 2010, Jon Bailey said…
I'm only a 20 minute drive from my ISDN studio and I found a way to do a phone patch into my mixer so I can do sessions that way as well. I love the bells and whistles though... I'm a tech hardware geek. ;)
At 5:20pm on August 13, 2010, Jon Bailey said…
yeah, rob was the first producer i ever worked with. he's in that live audition for superfriends that i did. thanks for the compliment. saw those pics of your studio! WHOA!!! wished mine was a QUARTER that awesome! :)
At 4:28pm on February 21, 2010, Rodney Jackson said…
Absolutely Dave, Denver is where I currently reside. Thanks so much for your kind and inspiring words!

Best Regards,
At 2:47pm on February 21, 2010, Rodney Jackson said…
Hi Dave,

Thanks for the acceptance!

Best Regards,
At 10:30pm on December 21, 2009, Dan (Daniel Eduardo) Hurst said…
Hi Dave!

I know you’ve been a member of Voiceover Universe for some time, but I wanted to introduce one of our groups to you.

I hope you'll check out and join a group called MARKETING FOR FUN AND PROFIT. It's a group dedicated to discussing ways we can market ourselves - what works; what doesn't. You’ll find some very interesting ideas and concepts there! And we would appreciate your input. Click here for the link: MARKETING FOR FUN AND PROFIT!

Thanks for your time! I trust our paths will cross soon!

Best to ya!

dan (daniel eduardo) hurst
At 4:10pm on December 3, 2008, David Zier, Sr. said…
Thanks for the shout out Dave. Your demo's were one of the deciding factors in choosing Sound Advice. Hope to "work" with you again in the future!
At 4:21pm on July 5, 2008, Bruce Jacobson said…
Small world? Yeah...they call themselves the Original Rhondells (home = VA Beach) and we (The Royal Kings) do this gig the night after Thanksgiving at the Hotel Roanoke (for the past five years) and there's talk of booking them on the show. Unfortunately Bill Deal won't make it. He died a couple of years ago.
At 2:01pm on July 2, 2008, Craig Koepke said…
I have really hit the mailings hard myself. This time I am going to keep it up. I am getting responses in June from mailings in December. Can't wait to see what I will get in the mail this coming December from my mailings in June. Yauzzer!
At 1:16pm on July 2, 2008, Craig Koepke said…
Wow funny meeting you here! What's going on with you? Hey, had a narration last week with Rockwell Collins. There Creative was the easiest that I have ever worked with. Great looking lady and she loved the way I said "Premium". That tripped her trigger? Go figure.

Later buddy,
At 2:50pm on June 30, 2008, Sharon Garrison said…
Appreciate your quick response. Yeah, this site is wonderful. Has really been the kick in the b- - - that I needed to inspire me. I'll be doing my character demo very soon - and I hope you'll check it out on my site when I finish. And - terrific advice! YES, definitely a pro should take a look and help decide what I should put on it! Look forward to chatting!
At 11:34am on June 30, 2008, Sharon Garrison said…
Your demos and promo materials are outstanding! I'm getting back into the VO thing after being away for many years. Good studio finally starting to come together. I am a full-time, professional actor with lots of coaching, stage and television experience. (some film . . .) REALLY wanting to get going in the character voice area, which is why I was so impressed with your stuff. Hope to be able to pick up some wonderful ideas from you. And, I'll be listening for you!
At 4:27pm on June 28, 2008, Edd Hall said…
Thanks for thinking of me... so YOU'RE the one! Sorry, that's what Graham Chapman told me many decades ago when I told him I really liked "Life of Brian" and I FINALLY got to use it!!
Warm Regards,
At 1:14pm on June 11, 2008, Mike Carta said…
What about the compressor on the VM..can you harden things up a bit? I didn't see where that unit had a gate on it.
At 12:31pm on June 11, 2008, Mike Carta said…
Dave...I'm looking for a mic-pre. Been a lot of chatter about the Focusrite
voicemaster pro. Need a pretty good all around pre. Hard sell, narrations, regular VOs etc.

My Emphricial Labs Distressor works great.
At 10:42am on June 11, 2008, Mike Carta said…
Thanks Dave. WOuld like to chat a bit on gear.
At 12:46am on May 29, 2008, Rodney Saulsberry said…
Hey Dave,

Thanks for joining me. Please stay in touch!
At 10:41am on May 24, 2008, Melanie Haynes said…
Yeah, Dave, I'm keeping busy. My experience was just the opposite of yours. Busy up to the wire before the holiday finishing up a long tutorial with a last minute phone patch commercial yesterday morning and on hold with music project late yesterday! Thankful for every bit of it, and ready for this weekend! Enjoy!
At 10:17am on May 24, 2008, Melanie Haynes said…
Hey Dave! Great to see you here! I know you're keeping busy. Whoa, this "Pop the Question" video shows a whole new side of you... I'll be in touch via email soon!
At 11:19pm on May 23, 2008, Kjelene Magnell Bertrand said…
Hi Shrop,
Great...magnificent voice you have my dear! Yes, yes and you may ask any question you like. I am swedish...Grandfather's name was Kjell and mom added the ene. The name has been very good to me. Talk to you soon! p.s. Great voice!!!
At 12:58pm on May 18, 2008, VU - Founder - Zurek said…

Welcome and get those demos up:)

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