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At 7:01pm on June 2, 2010, Paul J. Warwick said…
Hope the day is better than the same day a year ago!!
At 9:33am on June 2, 2010, Rodney Jackson said…
Hi Dave,

Wishing you the very best, Happy Birthday!!! Enjoy.

Best Regards,
At 7:34am on June 2, 2010, BOB NOBLE said…
Hi Dave: In honor of your birthday, I sat down and wrote you a
song. Here are the lyrics . . . .”This is your Birthday Song,
It isn’t very long . . . “

And many more . . . !

Bob . . . at . . . http://Noblevoices.com - Orlando, FL
At 5:57pm on December 10, 2009, Barry Moore-Barry@TenorTime.com said…
Hey dude,

You're only 10 minutes away.

I am not about to publish my address on here, but you know where Howe is.

You can write at b_moore@rocketmail(dot)com.

Sorry about your ear.

At 11:58am on December 4, 2009, Pat Fraley said…
Dear Dave,

Thanks for your encouraging words. Please email me at patfraleyteaches@aol. com, and I'll keep you in the loop regarding events, etc. Regards, Pat Fraley
At 7:14pm on November 18, 2009, Jason LeBlanc said…
Dave I see your into Star Wars...If your into Star Trek...I am Capt Aaron Glenn Commander USS Azreal in a new Star Trek animated series called "USS Farragut - The Animated Episodes"...People from Deep Space Nine, Enterprise, Voyager etc are in it as well...here's the link to a spot I did ...in character ..as myself...pretty cool...the 3 act Pilot called Power Source is under the starshipfarragut link to the right...have fun
At 7:09pm on November 18, 2009, Jason LeBlanc said…
if you get a chance visit my site: My Next Demo...there may be something of interest there...I do video demos for voice over talent...here's the address http://mynextdemo.com/
$249 ($50 discount to VU Members) So $199...great on your home page...and smaller versions you can e-mail...
At 7:06pm on November 18, 2009, Jason LeBlanc said…
Sorry I didn't accept earlier...I just today saw it...I don't hang here as much as I used to...good to see Texas in da house...
At 7:28pm on November 16, 2009, Michelle M. Summers said…
Dave - step away from the steroids (for your er infection)... lol!

Go to your local herb shop & pick up some colloidal silver, ear candles & some Cat's Claw. Lay on the bed & spray a few sprays/drops of the colloidal silver into your ear - let is run down into your canal & massage behind your ear a bit. It kills bacteria on contact & is GREAT for ear infections. Also grab a pack of ear candles & use those as well - it will not only pull ear wax build up from your ear but will help to draw out the infection. You will feel better super quickly & will actually feel immediate results! Take the Cat's claw as directed for three days as directed to boost your immune system & heal quicker. A few squeezes of fresh lemon into a glass of water is great for your immune system as well - it boosts your white blood cell count. Hope that helps! I know from experience it will much better & quicker then Pharmacuetical drugs.
At 10:03pm on November 9, 2009, Tisch Cistrunk-Parmelee said…
Hope your dad is on his way to recovery soon. Sorry to hear about that...
At 1:11pm on November 4, 2009, Luis Acevedo said…
Dave thx for adding me brother....
At 4:15pm on October 26, 2009, Barry Moore-Barry@TenorTime.com said…
Hey Dave,

Well, this hasn't been my greatest week either.

Girlfriend - hospitalized - kidney tumor

Me - hospitalized - car crash.

Me - PrimaCare McKinney - headwound.

Hopefully next week goes better.

At 11:14pm on October 25, 2009, Randy Savage said…
Hey Dave - Great to be friends here on VU! I'm an admitted fellow radio/Star Wars geek too. Haven't made a convention yet, though. Nice demos!
At 8:08pm on October 18, 2009, Laila Berzins said…
Keep up the good work:)

check out my youtube video for a laugh - character voice practice


At 1:19pm on October 16, 2009, Bettye Zoller said…
Thanks for becoming my VU friend. Hope to have you in one of my workshops sometime since you're a fellow Texan! My audio book weekend's coming up here Oct 24-25 and Nov 7 is a goodie...auditioning online and in the real world too...a repeat of my Houston seminar...keep watch on my homepage at www.voicesvoices.com. I'm going to look at your page more here and hope we connect further.
At 6:04pm on October 13, 2009, Travis Edwards said…
Thanks for the add! What part of Texas do you call home?
At 8:00pm on October 12, 2009, Barry Moore-Barry@TenorTime.com said…
That'll work for a plan. I couldn't care about telemarketing calls. I'll recognize when a call is from a telemarketer or a friend.

Of course? It's more important that you have friends in this business...most are a little spkikey, and I won't define the term.

You live about 10 miles from me.
At 3:59pm on October 12, 2009, Barry Moore-Barry@TenorTime.com said…
P.S. I live in the country between Howe and Tom Bean.

Not too far from you. My P.O. Box is in Richarson, TX, but I don't live in the big city anymore. Too f'uped anymore.

Consider having some Bar-B-Q with me sometime in Van Alstyne. A central meeting point.

At 3:54pm on October 12, 2009, Barry Moore-Barry@TenorTime.com said…
Hey! I never called you a fat guy.

I just got to be skinny by genetics and by being neurotic.


At 3:30pm on October 12, 2009, Barry Moore-Barry@TenorTime.com said…
Hey dude.

What is that? A floral shirt?


Glad to get you onboard as a friend.

Best regards,


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