I thought i would share a bit of the latest Voiceover Gurus blog entry.  Let's consider how much time the actor and the coach spend on voiceover techniques such as inflection, pitch, volume, background motivation, etc....It's a lot.  And rightly so.  But let's not forget the rest of you!  Your body that is.  And your face.  When you are excited about something are your hands in your pockets or are they flailing around like fly swatters?  When you are feeling warm and fuzzy and sharing something sincere are you doing jumping jacks?  Of course not.  Consider the energy and style the script asks for and honor it in every part of your body.  You will feel, and hear, a difference.  Try memorizing a short voiceover script and doing this in front of the mirror so you can directly experience and modify the results.  Good luck and have fun.

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