Well, my words of wisdom seem to be being very well received so here’s a new one for today, again from the Dalai Lama.  This is a really wonderful piece of wisdom that will help to soften the blow of disappointment whenever it strikes.

…everything in the world comes about as a result of many factors.  In any given occurrence, our own actions are only one factor in a great range of causes and conditions.  Similarly, there are always many sides to any situation.  When, therefore, we suffer some misfortune, such as not getting the job we hoped for, it is worth considering that the same decision that disappointed us will have benefited someone else, perhaps someone in greater need.  Though not easy, such considerations can temper our sense of loss with some sympathetic joy at others’ good fortune.  At the same time, the simple act of moving the focus of our attention away from ourselves will have the effect of making the problem appear less unbearable.

That Dalai Lama is one pretty smart guy! Have a great day.

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