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There's been much talk of who will fill the void of our late friend, Don LaFontaine. has speculated that it may be time for women to come to the fore and start kicking some butt in this arena.

I'm all for that and am also interested to hear which new male voices will rise to the occasion in this time of flux.

While honouring Don and his legacy is paramount, he would want us to embrace this change as he himself supported the idea of women making strides in this niche and also granted permission for others to take his place upon his death ("Just wait until I die", as he often said when referring to others working in trailers).

I too wrote an article that followed up on what was saying. You may have read it, and if not, just Google "In A World Where Women Narrate Movie Trailers". The buzz coming from the ladies who commented is contagious and there is a lot of support from male voice actors, too.

Are we ready?

What do you think?


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Comment by Stephanie Ciccarelli on November 19, 2008 at 11:31am
That's fabulous to hear, Ladie Most :) Thank you for taking the time to comment and I'm happy that you got to experience the expertise of Don Morrow. He's such a kind man and I'd love to meet him in person.
Comment by Denise Nelson on November 19, 2008 at 11:28am
Women are always ready for just about anything!!! I know that I'm ready to be added to the very small list of women in Trailers. I had an absolutely awesome opportunity to be coached [side by side] with The Great & Legendary Don Morrow just recently in Sacramento. I stayed for both workshops so I had a double dose of The Other Don. I will be that...Movie Trailer Ladie!!!

Ladie Mo$t...

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