You've heard his voice on scores of movie trailers, commercials and tv shows. Withover 25 years of professional voiceover experience, his most recent credits include: new on air promo announcer for the NBA, Narrator for History Channel's UFO Files.

He's also done several characters on the video game, "Grand Theft Auto" (San Andreas), new character on the animated series, "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" National Network T.V. spots for Zocor(Heart Medication) featuring American football coach Dan Reeves, Gatorade(Featuring Michael Jordan), Burger King(featuring the Harlem Globetrotters),Reese’s Peanut Butter Puffs Cereal, Colt 45 Malt Liquor, Foot Locker. Pepsi

Xavier Paul provides voiceover production and comprehensive training and coaching for concerts, commercials, promos for record labels, sweepers, liners, for flash presentations, concept to completion for imaging practices, PSA's, even script writing. Finally, voice-over talent equipped with broadcast quality studio, ISDN capable of delivering product via MP 3 in a timely fashion.

In a candid shoot from the hip exclusive interview,. Xavier Paul reveals,"With 25 years of voiceover experience as a teacher and performer, I've found that most people can't handle the truth when it comes to the voiceover industry". Here's a list of myths v/s realities:

Myth: After my demo is done all I need is an agent and a home studio and a membership to voice 345.com and I'm all set. I'm ready to make money in voiceovers.

The Truth: This is one of the biggest myths in the voiceover industry. Internet voice casting services have a number of undesirable traits that leave most customers unsatisfied. After they get your non-refundable yearly fee of $199-$299 you begin to see that most of the jobs are unprofessional and for low to no pay. For example, $100 for a national commercial. Ridiculous. These "casting service"s make money from gullible newcomers who are desperate to get into the business. Those services have "broken into " the voiceover industry because they've broken into the pockets of thousands of desperate voiceover talent. They've made millions from other people’s "dreams" and have given nothing in return. These services make millions from selling the lie that they are the solution instead of taking the steps any business needs to take to be viable in the marketplace. The result? Most of the talent on these sites are dissatisfied bidding for $100 jobs, not booking any work while the services run off with your money.

The Myth: The best thing to do is take a class taught by an agent or casting director. This way, if they like me they will represent me and/or and give me voiceover work.

The Truth: They are counting on you being that stupid. Most agents and casting directors for voiceovers know nothing about building a performers technique so that they will have the skills to compete in the real world of voiceovers. They follow the industry "trends" so they can stay competitive in the marketplace at your expense. So for example, if the trend in the voiceover industry is " sound real , don't sound like an announcer" then they spend the entire course pointing out when you're doing that. That’s not technique. It’s not learning how to do voiceovers. It’s criticism that doesn't get you anywhere. Voiceover is about creating realities with your voice. "Sounding real" is subjective at worst and one of an infinite number of realities at best. 

The Myth: I don't really need and classes or coaching. I can just record a demo and send it out.

The Truth: If you don't know how to deliver the performance on your demo in person with no direction if you're called in to audition, you won't get hired or considered for work. Even top voiceover talent needs coaching. The late Don LaFontaine worked with coaches regularly at the height of his career.

The Myth:

I don't need a professionally produced demo. I can just record something on a tape recorder or my friend’s home studio setup and I'll be fine. Plus the agent I know said that would be ok.

The Truth: What a big mistake. This industry is competitive enough. Why make it harder on yourself by not getting and sending out a professionally produced demo? Also are you sure that "agent" isn't also a used car salesman?

The Myth: When I met with my agent friend /casting director friend etc and they heard my demo they said it was "great" so I don't need your services.

The Truth: This is a business. Not a birthday party. Question: Are you working for compliments or are you working for money? I don't know about you, but I'll take the money. So unless your "agent friend" or "casting director friend" books you for  a job and puts money in your pocket, their "professional opinion" means nothing.

The Myth: I'm taking a class which comes with a fully produced demo after 8-10 weeks. I'm in a great situation.

The Truth: Sure if you've got money to burn you're in a great situation. The truth is you'll learn nothing of value, the demo will be useless and non-competitive. Most likely this "class" is being taught by an agent or casting person looking to pull in some extra cash at your expense. By law, they cant hire you and also by law they're not allowed to teach classes that in reality function as "audition interviews". So I guess you'll have to hope they break the law in your favor.

Xavier shares, "The voiceover industry is in many ways not unlike any other industry. Specifically in terms of the process of building a business that will bring income to you. I offer marketing services that prioritize they process of building a stable list of voiceover clients that will be a source of paying jobs".

Are you ready for the truth and the success behind it? I've faced it and so should you. Because if you've got real ability, talent and potential for voiceovers the sooner you face the truth the better. Click here for an outline of the solution oriented courses that Xavier Paul provides: http://www.coolvoiceradio.com/training-courses/

Or feel free to contact him by clicking here: http://www.coolvoiceradio.com/contact/

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