Some would say hot air, others might say ego.

What I have found along my journey in VO, is nothing of the sort- when it comes to true professionals. Don Keys, a radio legend who passed away several years ago, gave me some advice in my early- early years. No one like’s a Mr. Know it all! I was “20” something then… and it really cut my ego to the core. I thought I was hot stuff and then some. Your character is your calling card, what do people say about you?

Make it a point to emulate good character good habits and etiquettes that go without saying. I have been amazed at how talented a person can be yet their demeanor is pretty scary to say the least. Talent can only take you so far, your person is as important as the product. So practice your lines, and practice good people skills, its good common sense, that just might put more money into your bank account.

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