Wow, I have been very negligent in keep up with my page!

Well it is 2-5-12, last November I went to a voice evaluation class @ Edge Studio in Manhattan and found out that I most certainly do have what it takes to be a V.O. artist. according to Kristin I should start with a narration demo focusing on corp/Industrial-E-learning and promotional. I signed up with them for training, did a few webinars and have gathered my scripts for my first demo. I have had my first private coaching session with Noelle Romano from the L.A. studio and it went well. Need to practice some other scripts. I feel things starting to come together. I was always concerned with "How will I know when I am ready?" feelings that I have. Well those thoughts are now becoming cohesive and I have started really feeling more like an artist with purpose, still have a ways to go of course. Everyday is a learning process. I can also say getting peer feedback is a plus, everyone hears things that I have not even thought about. I don't know if anyone in this industry ever develops such acute processing of the voice and text that they can accurately predict what the client wants right from the get go. I want to be able to be experienced enough to take a copy at a session and be able to feel like I know what the client is looking for in short order. This too will come with experience. It is truly amazing that this industry has such a supportive back bone. That is very refreshing to me in this cut throat world of business we live in every day. I wish all of you best of luck in your carers.

Todd Jones

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