Voiceover Exercise: One Word. Six New Perspectives.

I tell students unabashedly that I believe script analysis counts for 75% of your voiceover strategy/technique.  Going on this belief, there’s a great exercise that can fine-tune your skills for understanding the writer’s intention.  Using just one word, and understanding that one word from a sentence, can often help you to understand how to “come at” any sentence in any script.  Observe the lines below and hear how each sentence changes based on the lead word.  This lead word is your clue to understanding the writer’s individual preferences for the mood of the performance.  The clues are always there in the writing, they just won’t always be this obvious.  Look at the first word for each sentence and write down a few adjectives that describe the personality of that first word.  That first word tells you how to read the sentence.  Listen to it, understand it.  When you perform each sentence, remember that the WHOLE sentence should convey those new adjectives, not just the first word.  This is how you remain convincing.  So first, convince yourself.


Wow, she really said that?

Oh, she really said that?

Yikes, she really said that?

No, she really said that?

Yay!  She really said that?

Hmm, she really said that?

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