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VOICE2010 was a month ago?!


So it's been a few weeks, but I can't NOT tell you people how incredible it was. James and Penny truly are superstars of the VO world. The education you can receive from these two is unfathomable. I own Jim's book, The Art of Voice Acting (click for my review), have perused their website, and have participated in many of their free teleseminars--I always end up with more than I expected. Unfortunately, I've not taken any of their classes because they don't travel and I'm not in California, but trust me, when I'm kickin' it on the west coast, you'll see me there.

My road to VOICE2010 was a little turbulent. I almost couldn't buy airfare, but I made it. I will say upfront that VOICE2010 certainly seems an expense when you think about the conference fee, the hotel, the plane, the banquet, etc. And it looks that way if you think about it in terms of cold, hard cash. But if you think about it in terms of how many more skills you'll glean, how many people you'll meet, etc., it's a pretty small price to pay because it will literally pay you back further down the road.

I'd say the conference experience falls into two categories: the people you meet, and what you learn.

As far as the people you meet, there are as many shades of grey as you can find in the spectrum; some are pursuing VO as a retirement activity, some just want promo work, some will take whatever they can get. I met people from at least four countries. The one characteristic that didn't vary from person to person was the friendliness, generosity, genuineness, and the want to help each other. That is the VO community in a nutshell (hey, what are we all doing in this nutshell?!), and that was my experience at VOICE2010.

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Comment by Steven Mane on July 14, 2010 at 12:45pm
Glad you could make it! Hopefully, I'll see you soon, and we can talk more about it.

Comment by Dan Roberts on July 13, 2010 at 2:57pm
Hi Morgan,

I agree with your assessment of Voice 2010. I wanted to add that the professional photos from the event are no extra charge. Bonus! Many conventions and confererences will charge you extra for photos, especially if they involve a celebrity.

Also: the event magazine and work books are good take-ways as well. Definitely worth reading and re-reading.

Like you, I thought it was worth every penny. But don't get me started on the hotel or the airfare...

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