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I have some exciting news that I would like to share with you. I've written a fun and motivational ebook on this wonderful and wacky world of VO called "Voice Over Garden: How To Create Abundance as a Global Online Voice Actor". I want to share the love with the VO community and am in need of your help. 


I'm putting together an ebook trailer for the website and am looking for a few good voices. That's right, an audition!


Here's the breakdown. 


Job: "Voice Over Garden" ebook trailer onwww.voiceovergarden.com


Length: 2 minutes long


Roles: 1 male voice, 1 female voice


Payment: $200 / voice actor ($200 for the male voice and $200 for the female voice) 

Payment via PayPal


Deadline: Friday, October 19, 2012 


Format: Please slate, edit out breaths and clicks, and label your mp3 auditions as either

Male_YourName.mp3 or Female_YourName.mp3 


Deliver to: Jonathan  at  info@voiceovergarden.com


Subject Line: VOG Audition


Character Breakdowns: 

Male Voice starts off typical movie trailer, voice of God and then gets a bit more conversational with the Female Voice which in turn gets slightly annoyed at her "blondness". 


Female Voice is a mix between a dumb blond Valley Girl and Kim Kardashian, her heart is in the right place but she just doesn't get it. 


For both characters don't worry if you aren't the right type. Feel free to play around with the characters, add a laugh here or an adlib there. The feeling of this should be fun, informative, and make people laugh. The script is below. 


All who enter will receive a free excerpt from the ebook "Voice Over Garden: How To Create Abundance as a Global Online Voice Actor" when it launches in November. The two lucky winners of the audition will be notified by Tuesday October 23rd. 


I thank you in advance for auditioning! 


Take care and speak soon, 












Male: (Voice of God movie trailer voice, slightly over the top and comical.) 


In a world where everyone thinks they can be a voice over artist...


One man battled the odds with only a microphone, an extensive acting background, and a lighting fast internet connection. 


Now, he’s written an ebook about his journey and shares the steps he took to become 


(pause, heavy accents on each word)


a global... online... voice actor.  


Jonathan Tilley is the author of “Voice Over Garden: How To Create Abundance as a Global Online Voice Actor”. An ebook for talent by talent. Downloadable now on voiceovergarden.com 


(SFX: record scratching) 




(flighty yet self-confident blond girl)


OMG! Totes amaze. People say I have like a really good voice.


Male: (still in trailer voice) Then this ebook is for you. 


Female: Sooo I was wondering, what’s the deal with like a demo cuz I heard you really need one. You gotta like act and stuff. 


Male: (breaking character, more conversational) Of course. That’s in the ebook. The entire first part, called Basic Botany, is dedicated to planting the seed to cultivate voice acting skills and creating a professional demo organically.


Female: But how do I get jobs just from a demo? Don’t people need to like, hear it? 


Male(slightly annoyed) Think of it like this: sending out your demo is like sending a flower arrangement out into the world from your Voice Over Garden. That’s covered in Part 2, Gardening Greenbacks. 


Female. (a brilliant idea occurs to her) Wait a minute! I could like upload my demos online and reach lots of different people, like outside of my home town and stuff. 


Male. (sighs, then speaks a bit faster) Part 3, Advanced Abundance gives you the gardening tools to create a website and brand, the basics on home studio set up, and how to really go global. 


Female. (Over the top excited) I’m super psyched to make lots of money with my voice!  (laughing at herself) But I’m like really bad at figuring out what to do with my cash flow. Can’t I just live off my maxed out credit cards with ridiculously high interest rates?


Male: Finding financial freedom and peace of mind as a global online voice actor isn’t easy. Part 4, Radical Revenue helps you keep your Voice Over Garden abundant and prosperous for years to come. You might want to start with that part first. 


Female. Yay! Ugh. I just wish there was a book that I could read to learn about all this... I mean I’m really talented. My mom told me so. 


Male Are you for real? 


Female: (confused) Huh? Wait...what? (happy gasp of air in)Look a butterfly!


Male: “Voice Over Garden: How To Create Abundance as a Global Online Voice Actor”. An ebook for talent by talent. By Jonathan Tilley. Now on voiceovergarden.com 


Female: Wow I’ve never seen a butterfly with yellow and black stripes. (gets stung by a bee) Ouch!

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Comment by Laila Berzins on October 17, 2012 at 4:45pm

Awesome. Oh you are going to get a LOVELY audition from me!

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