This is my second foray into the VO world, back in the early 90's I trained with Steve Harris and his class "The Art of Voice" in Manhattan. The classes were great and I learned a lot. I was working as an on-air personality at WBBS/WSBS and part of the Berkshire Broadcasting news team, the VO classes really improved my delivery and connection with the audience.

I asked Steve, "So, I have a demo, now what?" and he said that I had to be in NYC in order to make it work.

Oh for crying out loud! Live in NYC? BLEH. I lived in the Berkshires, why on earth would I relocate to the concrete jungle.

So life went on, I went back to school for Computer Graphics and animation and graduated with my degree and went straight to work for several local production houses, doing graphics on one end and audio and VO work on the other.

Most recently I started acting again, crossing the boards at the Ghent playhouse. It was there that I met Dan Region, and he mentioned that he worked in the VO field and was the voice for "As The World Turns", he coached me through my new demo and told me that the world doesn't end at the end of Manhattan.

I found an agent in Albany, and he said, "Why stop at VO, lets get you on camera and in print"

So here we are, former mechanic, carpenter, radio personality, cg artist, audio engineer.... back into the VO world!

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