If you've been at the VO game for any length of time, you will come across a gig you do that gets rave reviews. Yet, when the new season rolls around, or the next wave of spots is created, they decide to change the VO for one reason or another. It could be they put a new producer on the project who wants to put his own stamp on it, or perhaps they've decided to change the target demo, or they may just like to change the voice as often as they change their underwear. Whatever the reason, you are off the job.
Such was the case recently for me on a show called "Weather Proof", the Weather Channel's first go at some original programming. I had done the first season and had been given very enthusiastic praise for my work. In fact, I had been told by the producer that, in the focus group evaluations, I had been given extraordinarily high marks. Yet, it still didn't come as much of a surprise when I got the call from my agent that season 2 was going to be voiced by one of the show's hosts. It's just the nature of the biz! I figured it was more of a budgetary move than anything else.
But, I also wasn't shocked at all last week when my agent called and said they had decided to put me back on the show. Again, it's just the nature of the biz. This time, though, I put it up to the abilities of the host. I find that many people are convinced that they can do VO, easily. Even veteran, seasoned actors and show hosts. But, when they actually get into the booth, they quickly find that voice over is a different discipline that takes training and experience to be done well and efficiently.
Whatever the reason, it's always nice when a gig you thought was gone comes back.

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Comment by Tony Kramer on September 21, 2010 at 10:39pm

I can tell you, from experience, working as a series host for HGTV, DIY, TNN and EPSN, you are correct as to the abilities of the host to do quality voice overs. I did a blog on this very subject, "I'm Not A Voice Over Talent. But I Play One On TV!"
Now that I am breaking my teeth in the voice over industry, I am finding a different creative challenge to the craft. As a show host, all that is asked of us is to be ourselves. So when we do vo's for a show that same aspect applies. Some time it works. Some times it does not. A good show host must be able to improvise at a moments notice but may not be able to handle a lengthy, wordy, script while under the gun to lay some quick vo tracks.
There are host that can pull this off very well. Adding more flair and personality in their spoken word for voice over spots. But it can be a stretch for most.
Also, to your point, if you are good, easy to work with and can produce quality work in a short amount of time and that's that's the key, saving the network or production company time and money in the studio, yes you will be hired again in the future.

I will be listening for you on TWC. Hope you have a long gig!

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