A friend of mine put it this way, a straight line going across… with no hesitation or distraction. Or you just have the right stuff out of the park. Mainly speaking producers/agents are fickle, there’s s seemingly no rhyme or reason to their madness ;-) I have seen this time and again with talent that had 30 years experience under their belt, to a talent that has no real experience, implode onto the scene. The X Factor is for the individual producer that thinks you are the bomb. When someone says to me a newbie has no place in the professional arena, I say BS...Let them step up to that mic. We all started where we were, and to limited that ability in us would have killed us. The politics and decision making on all levels is real…just remember to stay friendly, reachable, and most of all teachable. Now you know what that X factor is really all about.

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Comment by Keith Alan on September 28, 2009 at 5:00pm
Thanks Randy! Thats the idea..keep in fresh.
Comment by Randy Savage on September 28, 2009 at 4:52pm
Great post Keith! Being both a VO guy and producer, I've been at both ends of the arena, and I know WAY too many producers who have tunnel-vision when it comes to new voice talent. You can hear it in the results, too: their spots all start sounding the same because they don't give new talent a chance - same ol' voices, yadda yadda. Buncha crap. On the other hand, I LOVE working with lesser-experienced talent when I have the chance because they often bring a fresh sound to the market. It's all about going that extra mile for your clients and delivering something unique. When it's done right, the voice actor and producer can make a powerful team!

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