At 47 I was a little (understatement) surprised to have my work day as a database administrator, trainer and designer interrupted by an Inter Cerebral Hemorrhage better known as a Stroke.

I was lucky and a few months later found myself back at home needing to find some way of keeping myself out of mischief. I decided to give the database work away and go back to a media (I used to work for Village Roadshow many moon ago) audio/video production based career.

My first project required narration and off I went. It was kinda fun and so I decided to add VO to my list of skills to develop. The first project was recorded in the back of my VW van, at a quiet spot in the hills that surround Canberra - or at least it started out quiet. Sitting in the van, cans on and juggling my Mac, Tascam and trying to keep the boom stand from falling over I became aware of a strange background noise. I was facing into the van with my back to the sliding door, looking through the opposite side window at the idyllic green (it was winter) fields, valleys and gum-tree studded hills near Uriarra Crossing. Then I turned round. In the hour or so since I had parked and started recording, the paddock behind me had filled with several hundred sheep, sheep who were very determined to make themselves heard! Time to move along and find a less sheepy spot to finish the script.

All in all I was pleased with my first attempt and decided two things. One: I needed an isolation room/booth/studio if I was going to do this again** and Two: I needed to find some way of learning the craft that didn't involve international travel. The first item is currently being addressed, I have a new slab of LEVEL concrete (2m x 2.4m) in the middle of my garage and wall construction should start next week. The second point is very much a work in progress too. I have corresponded with some great people and am slooowly putting some plans together.

So here I am, looking forward to making a fool of myself by asking all sorts of dumb questions but at the end of the day hoping to have at least some of my creative urges satisfied - and who knows a little cash wont go astray either.


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Comment by Penny Abshire on January 25, 2010 at 11:02am
Hi Charles,

I hope that when you are ready, you will join us at Positive Thinkers UNITE - but for now, no worries - just let me know if I can help you in anyway.

Take care!

Comment by Wayne Edwards on January 25, 2010 at 8:57am
HI Charles,
Welcome. You'll find a good bit of support from the VO community. I'm amazed at the friendliness and camaraderie that exists in such a competive biz. I live on a mountain and I get interupted by an occassional ATV which causes the dogs to bark.
Warm regards,
Comment by Charles Wannop on January 25, 2010 at 3:05am
Hey thanks Dan.
The main reason I headed for the hills? Buses!! We live on a majorish suburban road and every 10 minutes.... yep. The iso-booth is underway and I just hope that the STC 60 rating I am chasing will do the job.

Comment by Dan Wright on January 25, 2010 at 2:31am

All the best to you in your new VO endeavor! Gotta do what you love and love what ya do. I've never had sheep interrupt a session, but there are plenty of trucks passing by at very choice moments during my audition. Usually right when I am totally feeling at one with the words on the page and I'm in a serious groove- Vrooooom, hello, truck.
Still love what I'm doin', though : )

Take care,


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