The Levelator — Free Program Helps Make Your VO Recordings Sound Better

If you aren't "Levelating" your spoken recordings, odds are they don't sound as good as they could.

The Levelator is a free, downloadable program for Mac & PC that enhances spoken-word audio. I'm not an engineer, so I can't tell you exactly all the things that it does, but its basic function is to make the levels of a recording even, so that everything is at an appropriate, equal volume.

I tend to put a lot of range into my auditions. I especially like to play with a character's intensity — sometimes getting louder, sometimes almost whispering. So long as I set the recording levels so the loud stuff won't overmodulate, I can feel free to go as soft as I want, and The Levelator will bring those parts up to an even keel with the rest.

When you submit an audition, the last thing you want is for your listener to 1. strain to understand you because the recording level is too low, or 2. suddenly get blasted by a loud part, which causes them to reach for the volume control — or worse, click to the next audition. (I want my auditions to blow people away, but not like that.)

The Levelator doesn't average the volume level; if the entire recording is too quiet, it brings everything up to where it needs to be.

I use The Levelator for all of my spoken recordings, including commercials and VO demos I produce. No spoken audio leaves my hands now without having been "Levelated."

Try The Levelator and see what you think. It's a no-brainer program with just one function; you drag your file onto it, then wait for it to process.

Click here to download The Levelator for Mac & PC

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Comment by Henry Howard on September 2, 2009 at 8:06pm
Remember the Levelator was designed to quickly make conference recordings usable. The audio
rarely starts pristine and is usually longish in nature. For a quick fix processor, it does a good job,
but it was not intended for studio quality high performance use.
Comment by Mahmoud Taji on September 1, 2009 at 8:25am
Hey Kevin,

Yeah I stumbled on this little app a little while ago... And you have to be careful with it cause it tends to also distort the the audio thereby losing some of that pristine sound cleanliness . If you wanted to level an audio file so that the levels are not hard limited but rather leveled... Sound booth from Adobe (Adobe Audition's dumbed down... less talented brother) has an option that allows for audio leveling of voice over without causing any distortion anomalies.

Then again if you've used the levelator and havent had those distortion issues this could be a perfect solution for you because its free. But then agian sound booth isnt that expensive and it has allot more functionality.

das all.

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