Thanks Joe! - My First Vacation As A Voiceover Talent...

It's been a while since I've posted something, and what better time than I sit here in beautiful Lakeland, Florida on my first 2 week vacation since my post highschool days. The family and I packed up in our mini van and headed down the I75 for 2 glorious weeks of sun and sand in the sunshine state. This however, was the first time I've had to think about being accessible during a vacation. I gave my regular clients and agent a couple of weeks notice in advance, but I also let them know that I would be able to do emergency sessions just in case. So in preparation, I read alot of blog posts regarding portable equipment and such. I ended up getting a MicPort Pro to work in tandem with my Rode NTG3. I also took a page out of Joe Cipriano's book (and video blog) and used the mini van as my voicebooth. I never even considered how good the acoustics were inside a vehicle. Thanks for the inspiration Joe!

The vacation is almost coming to an end, but in the time I've been down south, I've done some of those 'emergency sessions' for my regular clients (always good to overservice the client especially in these economic times), plus a couple of auditions (which I've landed at least one session out of it). Sure there were some strange looks from people who walked by the van, but there was something strangely cool about the whole thing. I almost wish I had enough work at this point in my career that I could do this ALL the time (travel around with my portable studio like some retiree vagabond) LOL!

Here's a shot of me in my van-booth doing a couple of lines for a sports network I image up here in Canada.

Best vacation in years...and my wife didn't kill me for bringing my work along with me :-)


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Comment by Matt Speirs on July 25, 2009 at 2:25pm
Very cool! This has me thinking Freedom 35! :)

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