Many people have been forced out of careers due to the recession and have gone back down memory lane to dream again...What they originally wanted to do before life and living set in. There was a time and place in America if you had a good voice, and there was a station you would have a great shot at loaning your pipes to them. It’s a different world now, technology has given Voice-over talent more ways to promote and send their work to the client in real time.

If you are wondering if you can learn a new trick at your age, I say yes you can! Many times men & woman as they mature have character a certain charm and clarity that sells you! And the nice thing is it’s not your looks that book you it’s your voice, your talent. So Men & woman age is not a factor unless you Allow it to be. There are many seniors making great money in VO, who can tell you to take an aspirin for your heart...A 20 year old? Plavex from a 30 year old, you got to be kidding! So age away, stop dying your hair, let your age be a benefit, you earned it!

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