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Morning Folks,

If you've read any of my older posts... you know I'm a closet workaholic... not so much that I like to work... I don't but rather I can't stop myself from going from project to project... I like to experiment. It often means that my projects end up being duds... but every once in a while something works out the way I'd like it to.

So during my last vacation I got the idea of this new project. I had promised myself that I would not do any work while on vacation... and I did lose a couple of VO jobs because to make my point I didn't get my gear with me. But this idea wouldnt go away.

A Classifieds Site for the Vo Community

Quite simply I wanted to create a site that was a service to the community as well as a business. As a voiceover artist I pride myself on the gear I own. In my case I pride myself at how cost effective I've been at purchasing equipment that has brought me %500 return on investment in a very short period of time.

So I thought that maybe others might be looking for good deals.

I know ebay exists. But on several occasions I couldn't find what I wanted on there and in the end I decided that I if it doesn't exist. Then I might as well build it.

The Voiceover Buy & Sell
I'm a creative director in an advertising company and I've climbed the ranks from graphic designer all the way to where I perch in the hierarchy. So I've done allot of design work on the way, logos, brochures, magazines, advertisements, The works!

The site didnt take long to setup. What did take time is the beta testing period. That's where you iron out the kinks and find out where people are having trouble with something or another.

This last Monday I launched the site... and as an incentive I've made the listings free for the next week... I might extend it to get the word out there.

the url is Http://www.vobuyandsell.com if you have a piece of equipment you want to sell... or if you are looking for a piece of equipment second hand... come take a look!

FREE listings for the next week... Then it'll be for money so try to make it to the site before the offer ends!

And tell me what you think :)


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