Step Up Your Voice Over Performance with Your "Non-Verbal Toolkit"

Ever since we learned to read and write we've believed that all of speech can somehow be condensed down to words on a piece of paper. But of course that's not really true. Much of speech communication is what I call "Non-Verbal". It's the famous "it's not what you say, it's how you say it."

I'm sure you've sent an email to someone and had them take it the wrong way. Maybe you say something in a joking way and somehow it hurts their feelings. This is because we can't include the verbal inflection that part of normal speech. So then you add in smiling faces or LOL to let the reader know that it's a joke.

There are many different aspects to the non-verbal parts of our speech. There is word emphasis, pitch changes, pauses, and of course different emotional sounds.

All of these nonverbal aspects come easily when you're naturally talking but are more difficult to create when you're reading someone else's copy. And yet these are the aspects that really indicate the meaning of the words that you're reading.

I'm creating a new video series about these skills. I call it your "Non-Verbal Toolbox" and I show you how to control each of these aspects to create a better performance. Check it out and subscribe to my YouTube channel for more voice over tips.

Best of luck and remember…

Keep talking!

William Williams

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