Despite the challenging economic times, many businesses manage to keep their heads above water, which can bring the best out in people.

I'm not just in this field of voice acting for the money, although coming off of my best year ever certainly helps. I just realized that I've been a professional working and supported by the microphone for almost for over three quarters of my LIFE! I must say I absolutely love what I do. I think if you are enthusiastic and believe in yourself and your business, you'll keep working.

It is key to have a positive state of mind, attitude...GRATITUDE! Be thankful daily and don't view anything as insurmountable, which keeps challenges and tough issues in perspective. Things will get better.

In the meantime, some practical advice:

1) Keep an eye on your bank accounts, balances and your financial status.
2) Stay on top of accounts receivables.
3) Make sure every expenditure is justified, and try to maintain some cash reserves.
4) Always remember, "Cash is king".
5) Continue to market yourself, more than ever.
6) Be constantly proactive, trying to stay one step ahead.
7) When business dips, accept change as a part of living.
8) Network effectively
9) Don't waste time. Once it's "spent", you'll never get it back.

Envision success, offer the highest quality product, and hold your head up high!

To your success,

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Comment by Bobbin Beam on January 13, 2009 at 6:54pm
Hi Joe,
Everyone has their own struggles at one time or another. Life , including our career plan isn't always all sweetness and roses, and things happen we can't control, except how we choose to handle these things. And yes, I've been thankful to land a few gigs at lately.
Thanks for commenting, Joe.
Comment by Joe McMillan on January 13, 2009 at 6:19pm
I'm STILL a struggling Voice over Person
BUT your RIGHT! Positive Does Help!
and being THANKFULL for what you do Have!
I noticed on VOICES.COM you just Landed Another

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