Perhaps A Source of Inspiration For Some Of Us Aspiring Voiceover "Geeks" ?

OK -- I can't keep this to myself any longer...  I'm totally forced to public admit, confess, etc... I AM A GEEK. If there was a Geeks Anonymous .. I would be there... just as I would love to be at a Comic Con someday before I die... Just for these special unveilings...  Hobbit! Iron Man! Godzilla! ALL elements of my long ago youth... Oh the irony of getting "older" just to become a "kid again" in pursuit of the "wow" that results from a childhood imagination brought to life and motion on the screen... an animation of visual dreams that were once just ink on a paper page. The epic translation of these comic and imaginative icons into a digital "reality" brings a fun and welcome "oasis" from the mundane and routine..

Maybe one day YOU or I or someone else that we know who is chasing the "dream" will have the privilege of voicing a trailer or promo piece for a production of this magnitude.. Dare to Dream! LET YOUR GEEK FLAY FLY PEOPLE! Be a "Kid" again!

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