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OK I got some news this past weekend that a very dear friend of mine died of breast cancer. I am making arrangements to attend her memorial service the same weekend (it may even be the same day) as the voiceover mixer in NY.
However I was on Voiceover Universe today and I saw a blog entry by Bob Souer that talks about Liz de Nesnera's experience with Harlan Hogan and Elaine Clark at their weekend workshop in the Washington DC area. I was like "in DC where I live?" OMG I missed it?!!! Where the heck was I -- obviously not on my VO p's and q's. So I read the blog and found out that it was presented by John Burr, one of the recommended coaches to me in the area. So immediately I click over to his site to see what I missed and guess what I found out?!! He has a VO workshop this weekend and guess how much it costs? Only $95!!! Where's my visa? CHAAAAARRRRRRRGE!!!!

Mind you the only reason why I have not aggressively pursued training is because I am being very tight with my money while I am unemployed. I initially was interested in studying with Marc Cashman and/or Peter Rofe but then my company went bankrupt, I got my pink slip, and in the process, lost access to a studio. So I put on the breaks and started to research how to build my own home studio. Hey, delayed does not mean denied.

Also when I was looking for coaches in the DC area, John Burr was recommended. My first experience on John Burr's site said his initial diagnostic/critique meeting would cost around $250. (It may have changed since then) I did not want to fork over that much with a coach I have had no experience with whatsoever. I could tell from his website that he is very academic and scientific in his approach and seemed to have developed his own method of developing talent. Still it was not enough to convince me to invest $200+. I have to engage someone's energy and style face to face. So I trusted my gut and passed. However, this workshop is for a small group of people and involves some critique sessions. Just what I need. It will expose me to his teaching style, disposition, and help me determine if he is someone I want to study with, even if it is for a lil' bit.

So yes I missed Harlan and Elaine. It probably was a blessing to my bank account (lol). Nevertheless, I will still get the opportunity to receive some constructive critique time one on one with a vet and a pro. Cool beans.

Oh BTW -- I finally got my imaging demo done. I've had it done for about a couple of weeks now. I'll be posting it soon. I want a couple of folk to listen to it first before I throw it to the wolves LOL. Just kidding, I actually find people in the VO community to be quite nice and extremely helpful. I needed to set it aside and not listen to it for a while so I can give it a fresh listen and determine how I really feel...but THAT will be another blog entry.

Till then...

Hasta la vista baby!

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Comment by Nikki Strong on November 21, 2008 at 1:45pm
Thx Liz!
Comment by Liz de Nesnera on November 21, 2008 at 8:36am
Hi Nikki!
Glad I could help in some small way!
Have fun at John's!



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