We all want to taste the sweetness of success in our careers, but are willing to not give up? I write this to say no matter whom you may be; or what you have been told, success can be had by you if you are determined and plugged in. That is the part that gets people scratching their heads...Plugged in means your abilities are being shopped around to the right decision makers and you have some wicked favor from above.

I just turned 40 years old and you could say I have been around the block some…Lessons learned and positions earned me the right to be here and offer my 2 cents. If you are still reading this great! There are plenty of voices telling you to why you will never succeed and believe me the ones saying you won’t…most likely are not finding any real success themselves. The best way I can explain this business is love, because anyone that makes it in VO loves what they do! If you want to be good learn all you can by an expert, or many different experts.

Never think you can’t! always ask yourself, am I doing enough to succeed? The price is never easy, but the satisfaction of winning is a beautiful thing.

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Comment by Mike Hudson on January 30, 2010 at 8:12pm
Amen, brother.

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