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Brian Lee, one of America’s most recognized voices, is the guest.  He is widely respected for a variety of reasons and excels at literally the highest levels of the industry.   The number one theme I heard most when listeners contacted me before the episode was in regards to his “every-man” delivery.  He is not exactly what you would call a stereotypical “BIG” voice.  Of course as we all pay attention to how voices are used and the trends on the largest platforms, the traditional style of deep, bassy, big reads has been going out for quite some time.  Brian, along with others like Joe Cipriano before him, can be credited with ushering in the new era of voice over at the highest levels.  Now, I still contend that Brian can bring the Thunder in his lower register when he is asked to.  Also, I personally like his Sports Promo read best which puts his balls on display a bit too.  Either way of the interviews I have conducted, Brian is categorized in the “Most Successful People” column.  He was terribly generous with his time and from talking on and off mic, he was real and candid and was NOT afraid to be honest.   This is a three-parter so be sure to grab them all.  Plus see the show notes page for a few links he mentioned.

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