I have been meaning to update and add to what was a meager demo for this category -- and here it is.
A little of this a little of that...and maybe I can make a very small dent in an area now dominated by very talented women.
I do have a history of doing this.
When I lived in L-A, I was the male English go to guy for a company headquartered in Glendale. I'm not sure what the company did at its sprawling offices, but tucked in the back, was a small room, jammed with outdated stripped down (both physically and internally) P-Cs running Windows 3.1 with a software program that allowed me to record dozens of prompts for major companies... entire health care systems and messages on hold, you name it.
They loved me because I completed the jobs quickly. It was easy, I'd record the message, listen back to it and if it was OK, move on. If not, a quick redo.
Evidentally, the guys they had before me would take all day.
Pretty good money too!
Wish I had a client like that now.

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