So tomorrow (Christmas Eve-eve) marks the two week anniversary since my radio session, and I wanted to put a few thoughts down. Even now, the session is fresh in my brain, and I had a blast.

1) Five :60s = 35 minutes. - Put that in your pipe and smoke it. How fun.

2) It was in the rare group-recording session format. I loved having someone in the booth with me, and we played off of each other well.

3) Happiness is doing one take and hearing, "OK! One more for safety..." :)

4) My thanks to James Lipton (EXAMPLE with Hugh Laurie HERE!!) and the snarky interviewer on those Cox Communication ads (EXAMPLE HERE!!) for providing the inspiration for my read as the interviewer character.

5) I needed this studio moment. I haven't had nearly enough time to do what I need for my career, and this, along with getting called in to do on-hold stuff about 5 minutes a week gives me that much-needed human interaction in any studio not mine. :)

6) They loved me, they really loved me...with apologies to Sally Field.

7) I cannot wait to do it again...and they assured me there will be more. :D

8) The table read solidified my position as the spotlight actor. I love kicking butt at cold reads.

There they no particular order. Thank you to all my fellow "friends of the booth" that gave me great encouragement through the last few months. Especially you, Erik Sheppard. Thank you. the booth. Time to start making this thing a habit.


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Comment by Barry Trussell on December 23, 2008 at 12:08am
Hi Brad,

Very interesting. I can relate because my first read was a group read. It's awesome that you have taken away so much from that session. Great encouragement to all of us. Congrat's !!!!

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