Multi-tasking, Merlot and recording remotely

As Christmas approaches, corporate events are in full swing!. When I'n not operating a TV camera on these exhausting events, VO work I have to say is increasing nicely now.
At a conference for "Unite", UK's 2nd biggest union conference, I was shacked up in the Hilton Hotel in Brighton for a week of motions,debates, hecklers & union activists. After the initial 3 camera rig it was a case of being perched on a stool at the back of the auditorium for 10 hrs at a time, and being kept to a reasonable state of alertness by coffee infusions and Redbull!. Deep joy.
And of course, Sod's law dictates that when ever you are away from home for more than a day, you get requests for voice work. But, no problem, I rigged my mobile studio set-up in my quite hotel room and was able to facilitate 10 on-hold requests for Holiday Inn UK.

Then, as I was resting on my laurels and about to crack open a cheeky Merlot, the phone rang, another show client of mine. "Hi Mate, we're a bit stuck with a missing "Voice of god" for this show in Barcelona, what's your availability? are you working remotely? can you deliver in an hour?" no problem I said, txt me the lines. In good time, the file was sent and cued on the show sound desk. Feathers in caps all round!......should I dare to un cork the Merlot before the phone rings again? hmmmm.

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Comment by Joe Van Riper on December 7, 2009 at 10:56am
Yeah, Mark... everybody has at least one word they struggle with. Mine is "integral"... always comes out "intregal"! But I have a trick that usually works; change the spelling. I was directing an old pro who was getting very frustrated with a price/item script and the frequent use of the word, "regularly". I had him scratch it out and write a "revision" spelled, "regg you lurly" (the sloppy American pronunciation). He was delighted to learn he could say it, after all! For my "integral" problem, I now move the accent to the second syllable... "inTEGral". Equally acceptable, according to Webster's. By the way, I can identify with your remote session machinations. During a couple of long-distance moves in the last few years, I developed a "kit" that is very portable, works well over a standard broadband internet connection, and can be used for both fully produced tracks as well as real-time connections using "Source Connect". I lived with that set up for several weeks on four different occasions. Thank God for technology!
Comment by Mark Ewart .. on December 7, 2009 at 9:07am
Nice one Joe! then, those dreaded words have to be uttered. The ones you hope would never appear in a script, just as your hand hovers over that tempting bottle of the red stuff........"an innovative application" or one i had the other day, " mimicking him hiccuping" rush for that one so tackled it in the morning over a cafe noir!. Best wishes, Mark
Comment by Joe Van Riper on December 7, 2009 at 8:40am
With such demand for work, you may as well pop open a fine Italian Brunello and toast yourself! It could even help you if the phone does ring again. I was about two stems deep in a bottle of red myself when a "VOG" emergency pulled me to the booth. After about three takes the client said I should get a glow on before working more often... called it my best work yet!

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