My thought as I think about this picture is "I think men grow hair faster as they get older".

I don't recall whiskers coming in this fast in the past, but I've never kept a whisker-growing diary like this before.

But beyond the facial hair is OVER $200.00 donated to my efforts! You people are insane and in the BEST possible way. Thank you VERY much for your generosity.

Thanks to (first names or initials only to protect the innocent ;)

- Monica
- Stan
- Patrick
- Karen
- Amy
- Connie
- Denise
- JK
- Dave
- Martha
- Dan
- Derek
- Cliff
- DM

If you're reading this and can spare but $5.00 as a donation to help fund Men's Cancer Research (you can donate less or more - whatever YOU are comfortable with) please click here.

And if funds are tight right now (and I fully understand, please do NOT feel bad) just take a moment and offer a prayer of support and healing for those men and their families suffering through their cancer.

I really think sometimes those prayers are worth more than any dollar amount.


My fellow whisker growing voiceover team members and me have already raised over $1,800!!!!!


I know it's not polite to shout but THANK YOU ALL!!!!!

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