Now that I've come this far...what's next???

It's been about 3 years or so since I embarked on my journey into the Universe of Voiceover. When it all started I wasn't even sure where I'd end up or how well I'd do. would anyone even want to pay me for my voice to do more than club radio spots? where do I start? did this even make sense? what the hell am I doing really?

Its gotta take more than just a good voice to be a good candidate for this [un-proper job, as Banksey would] type of work. What's my goal in all of this?

So I said to myself...self>>>Good GOD, I've really lost your mind!!! [breathe]

Then a good friend/experienced Voice-Actor told me to subscribe to Voice123 and I thought...Wow, I'm gonna make some $$$ look at all of these auditions they're sending to my inbox! Hope was sooo alive, I was like a kid in a candy store because I just knew I was gonna rake in the doe!!!

Oh contrair so fast!!! Hope was still there...despair had not set in yet. I auditioned for everything that came my way, just taking the bull by the horns [ride 'em cowgirl!!!] every day I came home from my day job. Ok...sooo you're wondering--- did I book some gigs, riiight??? Uuuhhh...that would be NO!! But what did happen is I got a lot of practice in and I started figuring out what was a good fit for me and what wasn't.

At this point I was running on pure adrenalin... or as I've been called before>>> "IGNORANCE ON STEROIDS!!!" [didn't know whether to take that one as an insult or] >>>>FAST FORWARD>>>> I started booking a few gigs now!!! Then I started getting contacted through voice seekers googling to find Voice-Talent that fit my vocal description. [that's what I'm talking about!]

In my first year of pursuing the Voiceover Industry Dream here are a few of the gigs I booked:

***2--Real Estate radio spots--Regional [I played 2 character voices--talking to myself on the got this through an advertising agency that googled and found was great!!]

***Animation (American Gladiators Parody)/Impersonation (Laila Ali) [became a long term client---via Voice123; currently working on an animated [adult-swim type stuff] pilot for a series currently being pitched to major networks]

***Audio Drama [I was cast in 3 of 5 episodes. This was a straight Voice-Acting gig. Via Voice123]

***Regional TV spot [booked via Voice123...they liked me so much they paid me more than what they originally offered.]

***Narration for a 3minute video [Via was great!!]

As time went on I booked these VO-gigs (wooo hooo...I was getting better every audition!!):

***Jamster Ringtones--(Worldwide) [This one came through a referral from a really good friend. On-going client that I still work with now. I voice in English & Spanish.]

***Live announce for a 2 day corporate conference in Chicago that was pre-recored [Via Voice123...when I auditioned for this one I just felt it in my bones...I was booking this one!!!]

***Radio Imaging for an Internet Radio station [I got this one on my own merit. I wrote and voiced the liners.]

Since Voiceover Universe came into my life it has forever altered my direction, thoughts, hopes, aspirations, goals and commitment to this journey into the Top of Universe of Voiceover!!! Thank GOD for small miracles...that happen by taking it just one day at a time ;-)

Now that I've come this far...I'm going to keep Voicing-ON!!! And to continue with me as I sail through my journey in the sea of all that is Voiceover....Stay Tuned for my next MO$T BLOGGABLE BLOGG!!!

P.S.: To all of the New Members to the VU Fam...WELCOME glad you made it we've been waiting for you!! And to the Newbies to the Voiceover Industry...It can happen & it will if you really want it, work it & practice it!!

Meet me @ my next BLOGG [yeah...I know blog only has one "G"]

Ladie Mo$t...

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Comment by Dawn Michelle Sparks on October 31, 2009 at 8:38pm
Thank you for your great post!

Comment by Denise Nelson on October 30, 2009 at 3:59pm
Thank you all for reading and commenting on my VO experience!! Stay tuned...
Comment by Dan Wright on October 30, 2009 at 3:33pm
Inspirational and excellent! I will definitely check you out next blog.
Comment by Mark D. on October 26, 2009 at 2:02pm
Wishes you more success as well L Most. Good blog read. Shows some of us that are new there is hope out there and not give up so short.
Comment by Denise Nelson on October 26, 2009 at 10:55am
Thank you Banksey!!! Can't wait to write the next one ;-)

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