Mics and plugins and processors, OH MY...

Someone's bound to come through with some sage advice on this one.


I was able to bring home a borrowed Rode NT2A last week to test out. Oh, yeah. I fell in love. Even in my imperfectly-soundproofed room, the mic is a joy to work with. (Most times. I still need a pop filter on the front of it...)


So, I need a processor. My old rig? MXL-1006 directly into a USB soundcard, Adobe 3.0 and the standard Adobe plugins, and a decent HP rig with Win 7. NO processing.


Someone recommended "Nectar" from Izotope, and I like it. And my wife? She screams "BUY IT ALL!" when she hears the difference between the new setup and my old MXL.Nectar is certainly more affordable than the rack-mount units I can buy -- Focusrite, Symetrix, et. al.


But, some questions. I have the "boomy" voice, to a small degree, and I can't quite get a handle on some of the settings in Nectar. I still "boom." A little. Sure, I can dial back the low EQ with Adobe's parametric, but does using the Adobe parametric and compression defeat the purpose of even having Nectar in the first place?


Would a rack-mount be BETTER? (I'm still on the Nectar demo version, so you won't break my heart if you tell me yes.) What's an affordable rackmount? Is there possibly a better option for a "boomy kinda" voice than a Rode NT2A?


Everything I have right now is still "demo." So, I need ideas. Used gear, so long as I can trust it, is also fine. I'm on a budget -- we still have medical bills...

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