Making the most out of each opportunity

When the phone rings, or the e-mail says you have a job that requests your voice, be ready to impress. Proper phone educate and listening to pertinent information about the project is all part of the gig. Listening is so much of the job, making sure you understand where the director is coming from so you have the whole picture before taking to the mic. You may not always be impressed with the client, or the job your doing, but how you carry yourself is all important.

I have heard of Guys and Gals that have totally ignored these rules and have missed out on the next wave of spots because they were not professional. A friend of mine says you have to “check yourself, before your wreck “yourself!
That’s one of my favorites for sure. So the next time you’re at it, remember to check yourself at the door, and make a good impression not just on the mic, but in the whole dealing with the client. That’s what I call Making the most out of each opportunity.

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Comment by Steve Singer on October 12, 2009 at 6:34am
great advice..

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