How are you doing?
Interesting replies I'm getting lately...

Half of us are doing as well if not better than we've ever done...
Half of us are busy looking up to try to see down...
Most lie somewhere between these opposite poles...

I haven't been on VU for a while because my company was growing...
yeah!... growing in a time when small business is struggling...
Oh did I mention it's a talent based business!
... a really tough thing to do when you're completely self financed and you're your own agent.

Brief Interlude

Having eschewed Hollywood... a great agent, lotsa recording sessions for network voice and for guitar gigs...
I thought I was headed for complete absolution from all earthly desire....

Well I learned a lot.
That was over 15 years ago and now I decided to "come back"...

You can never go back?

Going back simply means retracing what got you to where you are now... can't make the same cake over and over unless you like Twinkies...
I don't.

Return to Present

Like I was little company is perched on the tippy top about to go national.

So what does the little guy have to do?
there's a buncha books, a lotta seminars and a whole mess of magazine articles that will tell you all the secrets of how to be (you fill this in)

There's a one word aviso for the little guy and all the big guys that might be feelin the pain of current affairs...


the toughest part of losing weight
the toughest part of going to the gym
the toughest part of saving money

AND THE TOUGHEST PART - of making your goals.

When all around you is the darkest... go do what you do best
if you can't do your best...Practice.... it's the next best thing to "doing it"....
if you can't pay the electricity bill... go voice a new demo or compose a new song
if you can't pay rent... go voice a new demo or compose a new song....
Your steady date leaves you... well you get it...

DISCIPLINE... do what you do
and stick with it until you get what you want.

Learn more
Don't ask some famous gal or guy "how they do it"... you can read their life story to discover that
Learn first... then ask those famous gals or guys how to fine tune what you do... they can help you do that.

No one can pick your lazy a** outta bed in the morning when you fell like the world is gonna throw you off...
No one will pay your way... (I'm talking more than just cash pay your dues and if you don't you ain't never gonna make it)

That's how a litlle guy in a little company is making it in these times.
Oh yeah... I forgot the 40 + years experience.

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