When I first heard Ladie Mo$t on the radio voicing a night club spot I said, "Who in the world is that," and I say this in a good way. Now-a-days some people just don't hit home runs when selling a product, but Ladie Most was knockin em' out the park, and driving them into the night clubs. Today as a full fledged voice actor... her moves have been strategically on point.

In almost 2 years, Ladie Mo$t has landed Narration, Animation, Radio Imaging, Promos, Commercial and Audio book gigs, this is not always easy to accomplish. One would never know because she remains quiet about her quick accomplishments. When asked if she even see's her rapid growth, she simply explains, "I've started with a Pinto, upgraded to KIA, then a Toyota and the Ford will soon be replaced with a GINA... BMW's concept drop top... soon!" Though this is her analogy about her growth... it holds truth.

Something else you may not know, Ladie Mo$t's son, Tahir has been following in his mom's foot steps. Normally we see him making cameos with his mom on her V-U TV page, well a few months ago Tahir landed a huge Sesame street animation gig, and was so excited to receive his first paycheck, he asked mom to cash it right away so that he could "make it rain." And rain it did! So much so, Six year old Tahir took his mom out to a fine Miami Beach restaurant... and desert.

Tahir makes the dollars rain on him

As Ladie Mo$t and Tahir continue to "make it rain" in the VO biz, she says that it's really what they naturally love to do... make people smile.


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