Keyboard Shortcuts for de breathing (saves you time)

This is my first post. Be Nice...

I get a lot of emails from people asking for tips on this industry of which I am flattered. It ranges from being asked to help with quotes, to technical questions on equipment, to line tests and even tips on the kit for voicing when on holiday/vacation.

However let me ask, you do use keyboard shortcuts right???

I was really surprised to learn how many people will still use Edit - Insert - Silence, to take a breath out. I painfully watched a voiceover with years of vocal experience spend way too long de-breathing a file by using 3 clicks to take out the breath.

I introduced him to Keyboard Shortcuts, oh boy, was he happy.

So you just finished a 5 min web video, you want to present it back to the client in a way that all they have to do is lay it on their timeline and make it fit. However the thought of de-breathing is de-pressing?

In the time it takes to listen back to check, you could tidy the file and send it on.

Ok, so I don't know what editing software you use but certainly on Audition, which I believe to be superior to a voice who is simply recording, de-breathing and sending a file it's easy. (Pro-Tools is exceptional for multi track work before ProTools fans chip in) Having shortcuts will allow you to highlight the obvious breath when playing back and silence it without stopping the audio playing. Before you know it, your done.

Search out the option 'Keyboard Shortcuts' follow the instructions and pick a key to 'Silence Selection'

Selecting 1 key to silence the selection allows me to fly through a 5 minute file taking out larger breaths. I use 'z' so my thumb can hit the space bar and index finger hit the z to silence. Meanwhile my right hand is using the mouse to highlight the breath as I'm playing back.

I also use 'a' to 'save selection' and 's' to 'save as'

This is NOT me saying I've come up a new thing here, I wrote this to help other voices save time. Sorry if I'm preaching to those that already do it but the title should have been attractive to those that don't.

Try it and see how much time you can save. Good luck and happy editing.


VoiceoverGuy Co Uk

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Comment by Jay Stevens on March 9, 2013 at 10:35am
Guy, great post! Thanks!

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