Interview with Kevin Leach CEO of In:Quality about their Browser based ISDN replacement technology ipDTL


Earlier this year I received an email from one of my voiceover agents in the UK asking me to run a test with them on a new internet based ISDN replacement technology called ipDTL. All I needed was a good microphone, a decent internet connection and a chrome browser. The session went smoothly and my agent was pleased that I was able to achieve ISDN level quality on a wireless connection on my Mac Mini.

Ever the inquisitive type I decided to read up on this ipDTL (If I could get the letters in the right order) and decided that there wasn't enough material to sate my curiosity. On an impulse I visited the website for the company behind ipDTL (a UK startup called In:Quality) and sent them off a message. CEO and founder of In:Quality Kevin Leach was kind enough to get back in touch with me forthwith and agreed to an interview that I present to you kind folks of the Voiceover inclination.

Read the full Interview here

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