The clients happy and your moving on to the next project, its 5:30 pm, you get ready to step into the sound booth and the phone rings….Could you recut lines 2 & 3 The client prefers that you say it this way opposed to the way you were doing it, Ok? Sure thing! The I’m your man attitude of making it the way the client wants it with a smile is the way it should be time & again. Now if this was an ISDN or phone patch job we would have nipped that right then.

Good customer service and always attention to detail will give your client peace of mind they made the right choice. Sometimes Shit happens and you get a client that pays well but they are a pain in the, you know...Let’s just say it for what it is ASS. Going the extra mile like multiple takes and being creative during a session is thoughtful and gives you a chance to show off your skill set. By doing these things well and frequently, will make you stand out and score the gigs that the other guy misses out on because he didn’t have the, I’m your man attitude.

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