How to be an expert at VO success without ever succeeding at VO success

Yes, the articles, blogs and tips pop up here, there and everywhere and we all CRY "AWESOME DOOD!" ... We do it without thinking. What's wrong with them? No measurable evidence, nothing from the writer showing what they did and how it worked for them or people they know and followed by how to apply the same principles to your life/business.

Try this - You're at a murder trial and the defending lawyer addresses you and the rest of the jury at the end of the trial.

"Ladies and gentlemen my client is NOT guilty"

You and your fellow jury members think ..Awesome!

The prosecutor stands and addresses you.

"Ladies and gentlemen the accused is GUILTY"

You and your fellow jury members think ..Awesome! 

SO ...what y'all gonna do?

Here's the point. Be nice, be polite and do not be confrontational (unless someone is taking your money for help/advice) but do ask the awkward questions. If you do then you will find most of the "experts" devoid of useable answers.

Anyone offering credible career guidance will be happy to use credible evidence to support their claims ...Accept nothing else.

I'll use me as an example .

I am not an expert or a coach, but let's say I'm offering a "How to raise your game in TV promos and be up to date in your knowledge" course for $299 at a studio near you. Lovely. What do you need to know? HOW UP TO DATE AND CREDIBLE IS MY EXPERIENCE AND KNOWLEDGE?  Easy question to answer by establishing the work I've done in the field, the level and how recently it was done.

Yesterday at 11am - UK and Europe wide TV station
Yesterday at 10.30pm - Session with studio in LA for TV station broadcasting coverage of Wimbledon tennis across USA.

Coming up - How to interpret "on-hold" scripts using the medium of contemporary dance

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Comment by Philip Banks on July 28, 2013 at 12:16pm
As is right and proper, Jerry, as is right and proper!
Comment by Jerry McClellan on July 28, 2013 at 12:14pm

Phillip, nothing left to say except, "awesome dood"!

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