You know, I could care less whether or not. Why? Because I don't run my business to "compete" with anyone else.


Whoever is for the job, whoever is right for the job, is tight with me.

When I pull a job, it's right by me.

I hate the constant competition by desperate people.

You pulled your plugs and voted to go this way, and I, for one, despise, how far you'll go to get a gig.

This is a competitive business, just like any other.

But you ought to be a sister or a brother, seeking to gain a flag or a farm,

Or at least, still be warm,

Not cold, like a placid arctic sea.

Awaiting a storm from me?

Just awaiting a place in line,

Instead of sitting there to whine.

The business isn't kind, kind of cruel,

But you should crave the work, and not the gruel.


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