Helene's FIRST VU BLOG- "How voice artists go APE!"

VOICE ARTISTS GO APE! 6/9/2010 Helene Weinberg www.outtolunchevents.com

In the afterglow of VOICE 2010 I am inspired to write and post my first VU blog.
A big THANK YOU to Turek, who has made this forum possible. I look forward to posting and reading future blogs and hope we all can continue to share our written vocal conversations.

First, I can’t thank Penny and Jim enough for the opportunity to showcase at VOICE 2010. Many of you inquired how I happened to infiltrate this wonderful conference and I will share the story with you in hopes that you may benefit from this experience.

For those of you I have coached or have taken my workshops, you may be familiar with this acronym:


P= Plan
E= Execute

My dad first shared that simple APE sh%# strategy when I was wrestling with what career path to pursue after college. He said, “Helene, just go… APE. Analyze the situation, Plan a course of action and Execute the plan.” At the time that strategy aligned me as a founding member of an improvisational comedy troupe- which launched my voice over, writer, entertainer and coaching career. Who knew?

Fast-forward a (few) years and I am still going APE.

I’ll share with you how I went APE to become a part of VOICE 2008.

I had recently moved to LA from Cleveland (ala “The new adventures of old Helene…”)
and realized I had no industry connections here. A new life, new market, few friends.
In May of 2008 I read online about this “Red Carpet Reception” which would kick off VOICE 2008. Hmmm, I started to Analyze. (Which includes talking to myself.)

“A Red Carpet reception might just benefit from a Red Carpet Celebrity like Joan Rivers.
I’ve done Joan on the Red Carpet for years. What if I contact the event hosts and pitch them the idea?” I started to go APE.

Although the event was just a few weeks away, and despite the fact that Penny and Jim had never met me- to my surprise and delight, these two positively fabulous VOICE event hosts said “Yes, let’s do it!”

I kept going APE.

Now what? Plan. First question I ask: What would this particular audience most enjoy?
I then carefully customize my material to enhance the audience’s experience. I enjoy writing the content as much as I do performing it. I say this because “P” is also for the Passion you have for your work. It’s the very foundation of any worthwhile pursuit.

Execute. That word can sound like a fatal undoing, yet it feels like a rebirth as the evolution of your own APE unfolds. You make it happen because you can
Analyze, Plan and Execute your idea.

I know my dad is smiling in heaven knowing his APE theory is still a part of my life.
I hope it will be part of yours, something simple you can use in these complicated times.
When you have a big, passionate, yummy idea and ask yourself, how can I do this?
Just go APE. Let me know how it works for you.

With Gratitude to all of you.

Helene Weinberg
Email: Heleneotl@gmail.com
Multi-Media Professional
Helene’s Out To Lunch Events

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