No doubt my home recording equipment more than paid for itself the first year I had it. I'm just as happy with the investment in the little USB travel mic I purchased from I travel a lot now back and forth between Michigan and Ohio (where, eventually, I will land full-time) and have never missed a voice-over audition, and have booked auditions I have recorded from hotel rooms, with pillows surrounding my laptop and copy on my computer screen. I think I spent around 160. I tell my students about it as well who are just starting out and need a mic to record and playback for practice.

There's more buzz about post-production landing in Detroit, the recent from a new casting director I just had a general with, Bill Marinella. RMS is in the midst of building out their studio to suit ADR. Pamela Lewis and I are ready. We've had a generals casting at my agents for talent as well as had three training sessions for Loop Group work. Hosting a huge Midwest Looping Training Event at RMS January 17th with our first-ever voicing-to-picture in the afternoon. All pretty exciting.

Directed my first demo for a new student Monday with Joel Porter producing at RMS. Just like directing students at the mic, and in copy practice groups, I get a lot of reminders for myself as talent while doing so. Like, really listen to your director (this also comes from a session yesterday for a client). Stop being "on" enough to really listen and absorb what your director is saying, especially when you continue getting the same direction over and over again. This guy in the booth with me yesterday (as with our first session together three weeks ago) and I only had three lines between us. Even with line readings he wasn't hitting the last word the way the director wanted. In my mind, most of the reason why was because he wasn't really taking it in - just focused on trying to please (which is good, but you need to do what you're being asked to). A good reminder to me to breathe and repeat it back if I'm getting it for the third time (which, hopefully, I won't be!) We all have our days. And, this guy got hired again as I did, so obviously it's not an issue with the director, just me.

Happy Holidays.

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