Has The iPad Become The New Portable VO Studio?

Many of us use laptops with a solid USB mic or digital audio interface like the MicPort Pro.  All you have to do is load your favorite DAW, hit record, edit and then email the final product.  It's a great way to record those all-important sessions or auditions while on the go.  But what if I told you that you could soon use an iPad as a portable VO Studio?


Well, the fine folks at Apogee have recently announced something that could make recording on the go both cheaper and lighter.  It's called the Mike.  Apogee claims it is "the most compact studio quality USB microphone available for iPad, iPhone and Mac."  The online press release even says it's "Great for voice overs, interviews and podcast recordings."  I know that Blue already makes the Mikey for the iPod and iPhone, but it only works with certain Apple models.


What really intrigues me about Apogee's Mike is the ability to use a high quality microphone with the iPad.  Now the Mike has not been released yet, and we don't even know its price.  But I can't imagine it being more than a couple hundred bucks.  The website simply says coming soon.  As both an Apogee and Apple customer (I own a MacBook Pro and a Duet interface) I know it makes quality products that compliment Apple hardware.


Now this is not an endorsement of Apogee or Apple.  To each his own I always say.  But imagine the ability to record your VO's on something as cheap and light as the $500 entry level iPad.  Apple also recently released the acclaimed GarageBand for the iPad for just five bucks.  If you include the potential cost of the Mike, an Ipad and GarageBand, you could spend well under a thousand dollars for a portable studio that's lighter and less bulky than the typical laptop, mic and interface setup.


Not to mention the fact that you could use the iPad's generous screen to read your scripts from.  How cool is that? The possibilities are endless!  I honestly have been looking for a reason to buy an iPad.  And with the announcement of Apogee's Mike and the release of the iPad 2 I may have just found my excuse.  Happy recording!



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Comment by Luis Acevedo on July 13, 2012 at 2:06pm

Trey...does Garage Band let you do any editing on the iPad? I just got one with the largest amount of memory on it and I am thinking of using it on the road.  Thx

Comment by Britt Helms on March 16, 2011 at 1:16pm
I had completely missed the release of GarageBand for iPad.  Thanks to your article I am installing it now.  Many Thanks for the heads up.

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