Half Now, Half On Delivery - a Paypal Solution (part 2 of 3)


This is just a thought here... but since I've been elbow deep in server muck looking for a way to deliver the files to my client in a professional way I got a little epiphany.

Since some of us find it somewhat cumbersome figuring out if a first time client will pay or not we end up with moments of panic and possible seconds long hysteria.

Here is the scenario: You are doing a job for a client... this is the first time you do any work for them and you don't know if they are trustworthy or not. You've heard horror stories of people getting contracted to do work ... they deliver the work (quite naively) without watermarks to ensure client payment of the job.

The client downloads the file... and that's the last they ever hear of them. This can drive a person nuts... the idea of getting swindled or digitally mugged is enraging just to think about let alone to experience.

So what do you do?

Some of us watermark... others request half now ... half after delivery... but again ... how do you guarentee that you will get paid the second half after delivery?


The truth is ... you can't be sure that they will pay you. Unless they are a repeat customer who you've dealth with before... or come recommended by someone else... you will end up with a situation where you could lose money.

My epiphany is quite simple... there are cgi, perl and php scripts out there that you can install on your server (but I highly suggest that you get someone professional to do it for you) that will prompt the client to pay for the item before they can download it.

Its that simple!

Its pretty much like setting up a mini e-commerce site... except the audio file you provide is the item they will add to their shopping cart and the paypal prompt is what stops them from being able to download the item without paying for it.

No Longer Uncomfortable

This way I no longer have to send that awkward email requesting the client pay before I can send them the final audio file... its an automated system that is both impersonal and due to that.. inoffensive.

Problem solved. money received.

And if they refuse to go through this process... then at least you know there is something dodgy about them!

I hope this helps ....

This Epiphany was brought to you by... Taji's Voice Emporium


Mahmoud Taji
Arabic Voice Over Talent

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Comment by Barry Trussell on August 28, 2009 at 9:36pm
Taji, This has been my policy for all non union voice gigs. I have a simple contract they gives them instructions for sending a 50% deposit via paypal in order to reserve studio time to record. this way the Client has knowlege of the specific time/date that recording will take place, and the deposit is the key to starting the recording process. The delivery date is already preset as well in the original audition. Never had any problems with this, but we're also talking about gigs that are typically under $1,000.

After we have a working realtionship- the deposit requirement is waived, as long as I am comfortable with it, meaning that the Client has paid in a timely fashion, under 30 days.

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