Google Voice: A Free Phone Number in an Area Code of Your Choice

I just discovered (through the advice of my tech-savvy daughter) that you don’t have to put your home or cell phone number on your website for the whole world to see and use. There is a nifty new option available through Google, called Google Voice. With Google Voice you can get an assigned telephone number in almost any area code you desire. If you want a New York City area code, as I did, you get obtain one without paying for another phone line. In order to get a Google Voice account, you need to have a Gmail account, which is easy to obtain. I reviewed the specifics about call forwarding to see if I would incur any additional charges. The minutes used would count as my anytime minutes. However, since Google Voice forwards the incoming call to your cell phone, home phone, or any or all of your phones, you won’t have to pay any forwarding charges. You might want to read the specs for your specific cell phone provider as each one is a little different. All in one, I have found Google Voice to be a reasonable solution to my problem.

Here’s a link to some additional information.
Hope you found this useful!

Bonnie Engel Lee, Speech/Language Pathologist/ Voice & Speech Coach

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Comment by Jay Stevens on August 22, 2011 at 2:03pm


Thanks for posting. I just now got my "Google Voice" number and the app is on my phone. Seems to work very well.

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