Good morning! Forgive the banality but I couldn't come up with a fake
holiday this time around.

Let's start with a quick word about last week's post. Remember that logo I showed you guys? Well, I can't
use it. Fellow GKN member Rob Sciglimpaglia, who is also a lawyer, said
it's too similar to the John Deere logo. Bummer! I was really excited
about using it. Thanks for the heads up, Rob!

For the past year or so, I've been trying to write less about my accomplishments and more
about how you guys can find work. Who cares what work I've been getting?
(I know you do, mom!) This blog is about YOU. About what you can learn
to enhance your career. Also, I like to showcase fellow GKN members.
Members like Angelo Panetta of Panetta Studios for getting me three VO
gigs in the last two weeks. For Trish Basanyi and Casey Mauro for doing a
FANTASTIC job at the loop group session we were a part of over the
weekend. And for Lisa DeSimone for hooking me up with NY Audio (I've
already booked four gigs with them!) You're the people that make the
Good Karma Network what it is!!!

TIP OF THE WEEK: Kindness and understanding are infectious. They're also critical to living a happy
life. Sometimes it's hard to be kind and understanding, especially when
you've been hurt. Always try to see things from another perspective.

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: I hope the fornicating I’m getting is worth the
fornicating I’m getting. King Charlemagne from Pippin

STUFF!: A very huge honkin' thank you to John Florian of Voiceover Xtra for
including the Good Karma Network in his latest survey. I took the survey
and when I got to the question asking what social networks & forums
I use, it listed Facebook, then Google, then the GKN! That was
extremely flattering to be among such company.

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