Happy Windy, Flood-Warning Monday!

Be careful out there guys. It's pretty gnarly out there today!

I, like most people, love to be needed. It's good for the ego as well as the soul. When I am called upon for advice by my peers it makes happy to know I can help. With that in mind, this morning I got a lovely email from my dear friend & fellow GKN member Christina Rodriguez, asking for tips on how to turn a new client into a regular client. That's a good question! We had a great chat and I hope it helped. I only wish there was some way I could share it with you. You know, put it in some part of my blog that's designed to pass along advice. Hmm...

TIP OF THE WEEK: When you land a gig with a new client, try to connect with them on a site like Facebook or LinkedIn, if you think it's appropriate, that is. It’s rare they don’t have one of those accounts and don’t want to connect. Say something like, “Do you mind if I send you a LinkedIn invitation so we can easily stay in touch?” Then make sure your status updates show a steady stream of auditions and bookings. Even if you have a slow week, post about new equipment, websites you discovered, anything just to show you’re immersed in your craft and moving forward.

Also, I think it’s critical to have a quarterly newsletter, even if it’s just a simple email you send to all of your contacts.
Here’s another trick. I save every job submission done via email and once in a while send a follow-up letter to all of them just to say hi. I did it recently and I got more than a few auditions as a result. Once I go through all of them, I save the new responses and delete the emails of the contacts who didn’t respond, then I do it again a few months later.
QUOTE OF THE WEEK: I am so sick of people taking out their insecurities on me. from the film American Beauty

STUFF!: This is most likely my last Good Karma Network Weekly Update sent via Blogger. My WordPress account should be up & running by next week. I don't know diddly-squat about WordPress so forgive me if things get a little weird. I'm also going to stop posting it in so many places. Most likely just WordPress, Facebook, and Yahoo Groups. For those of you who read this in other venues, I encourage you to subscribe to the three venues I just mentioned or pick up the RSS Feed. Thanks!
From Tom Dheere's apartment, this is Tom Dheere, GKN News...

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