Many people ask me how I make it in this business, I tell them I love what I do! I believe that is an important trait to succeeding in Voice-over. Besides a love, a true passion that seeks out professional mentors and trainers that can give the edge you’ll need to make it! You may have a good voice and have gotten lucky here and there, but that won’t keep food on the table.

The people I find succeed are “go getters” they don’t invent the rules...They persevere and don’t quite!!! If you love this business, learn it from people that are on top and making money. There was a time many years ago, where I believed I didn’t need anyone to critique my work or demo…what a bad idea! We need each other, and the fact is...It’s not the Wild West, even though it feels like it most days. Keep focused, don’t be lazy and try to do things half assed; that will only keep you chasing your tail until it falls off.

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