A few weeks ago I witnessed Brian Williams of NBC reporting that many Americans (and viewers of the NBC Nightly News) were fatiguing on all the bad news heard day in and day out and that viewers wanted to see and hear good news too! Well, NBC took this criticism seriously and began devoting the end of each newscast with a segment entitled “Making a Difference”.

Each evening NBC and Brian feature several stories of “Random Acts of Kindness” from Americans throughout our country. Several times, I’ve been moved to tears at the amazing selfless acts made by our friends and neighbors.

(You may view many of the stories aired on "Making A Difference"...see the link http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/3032619 )

I got to thinking….what if each day…each of us performed at least one random act of kindness? I’ll bet most of us do so already, but if by making this daily plan paramount ….as routine as your grocery list..... could we change a life?

Eggs, milk, cereal, random act of kindness, laundry soap….

Imagine the possibilities? Imagine the difference we may make in the life of someone in need?

Last week, I responded to Voices.com requesting an audition for a business in Cleveland Ohio. When I reviewed the details of the project and the business…I noted the client indicated;

(Paraphrasing) “Due to the economy our business is really struggling. This commercial is our last attempt at advertising to hopefully generate enough business to continue to provide our service to our customers and keep our staff employed“.

I could not help but flash to the NBC “Making a Difference” reports and the many wonderful ways people have helped one another.

I sent in my audition and I included a note to the client in which I indicated that my services had been offered at no charge. A few hours later, the client contacted me in amazement. “No one has ever offered such a thing for me… she said. Thank you so much!” Hearing her sincerity really made me feel great, too.

I voiced the commercial with the knowledge that this business owner was extremely grateful for my service and talent…..but was also relying on me to help make a difference with her business.

Maybe you viewed this past Sundays (April 5th) CBS “60 Minutes”. One of the featured stories was that of a public hospital in Nevada which had to discontinue treating cancer patients (without insurance) because of a lack of funding. Believe me, this was truly a heart wrenching story showcasing several (among many) average Americans who literally may die because of they have no way to pay to receive essential treatment!

One of the Physicians who had been treating patients at the hospital (which was no longer offering the service) decided to take matters into his own hands and open his own service for cancer patients. He invited all the patients who had been displaced by the public hospital to receive help at no charge. “Pay what you can” he offers. “We’ll take care of you”. He has jars and boxes throughout the city asking for donations too. It is selfless people like this physician that may be the angels on Earth.

I guess for many of us it takes a catastrophic event such as the collapse of the world economy to click on the “help” switch inside.

Will you click your help switch to on?

Will you take my challenge? Make a “Random Act of Kindness” into one of your daily routines?

Let me know your stories too…I’d love to share them.

Inside Studio A ……. I’m James Herron
Thanks for forwarding my pieces to your friends and linking to your websites and boards.

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Comment by Eric Morgan on April 10, 2009 at 11:57am
James, thank you for writing this. I agree, there is not enough coverage of the Good News that continues to go on. Yes the economy is terrible, yes people struggle everyday, but there is so much good going on too. The good just seems to be ignored, or only recognized by the people directly involved. I am not sharing my story for praise or glory. Only to let you know that I too am in full agreement with you and have been for a long time. I have been quite happy in my world, knowing that I am doing the right thing by any standard.

A few years ago I lost my 15 year old son in an accident. Shortly after which we decided to move back home and be close to family(parents, brother, etc) The home we moved in to was just a couple houses down from a family that has 4 children. great kids too. We slowly got to know the children, and the young boy really took to us, as we did him. After a couple of years living next to them and building that relationship with those children, their father committed suicide in their home. Yes, all of the children were home at the time. Let me just say the mother was already unstable, and the children were not in a good situation. This only compounded the issue. My wife and I now understand why we moved into the house we did, and how we touch the lives of others. The mother has moved to another state now, and my wife and I have taken in the 4 children. We have 4 children of our own, and we recently opened our home to a friend who was about to become homeless. To say the least it is a hectic home, and any upgrades I had planned to do to improve my studio have fallen to the wayside. My wife, my daughter and her two children(1 year old and 4 month old) my other old son, my other daughter, my friend, and the new 4 children are all living under one roof. Of course my upgrades have gone by the wayside, but there isn't enough money to buy a feeling of genuine love and caring that we feel in our hearts.


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