For once "getting my big break" actually means the opposite of what I would normally want it to mean. I got my first big break from work this past week. I've spent so much time in the studio lately that I haven't had time to do much else. Every time I try to leave my house to go to the store or go hang out with my wife or take the kids out or whatever, my cell rings and I'm doing a u-turn and heading back to my home studio again. After doing as many as 6 sessions and 3 union auditions a day, every weekday, last week I was only in the studio 7 times for the whole week - 4 auditions and only 3 sessions. As much as I was disappointed from being spoiled because of how busy I had been up until last week, I was actually relieved to get a break from work so I could get some time with my family. My wife and I went on several dates, I got some cleaning done and I had time to work on my hobby which is making entertaining videos for my YouTube channel. For all of you voice actors out there, YouTube is an awesome place to make some money between gigs or between checks. It may take time and work to get YouTube to notice a potential for revenue sharing but once you make partner or get monetization on your videos, you can do very well. I've only been partner since March of this year and I'm already averaging $20 a day. It doesn't sound like much yet, but the more videos I create and the more popular they are, the more money I make from ads. My goal is to make $75 a day which is more than I used to make at a regular punch-in/punch-out job. I have friends that make $100 a day and more (and that's 7 days a week!). So I use down time when I'm not booking anything or don't have any auditions to brainstorm and make funny little videos. I'm right at 9000 subscribers now and it still allows me to work from home. I do videos about voice acting, parodies, green screen videos, stop-motion animation, flash cartoons, reviews of movies and toys and just whatever pops into my crazy brain. It's also a real stress-reliever. It can get very depressing when someone's not booking work or getting auditions. Making videos keeps my mind off of the fact that I'm not booking anything and keeps me positive.


I did work on the new film Columbiana... not sure if I finished on it or not and I'm going to get paid for the work I did on a pilot which is awesome because I get paid whether it gets picked up or not apparently. Sadly, even though I did 45 sessions for Friends with Benefits, I only got paid for 3 sessions because they only used me for the scratch reads and hired someone else for the finished spots. It's painful to watch something on TV or see something at the theater and it's the same script that I read but with someone else's voice. And I still haven't booked anything with my new agency but it's still early. I'm looking forward to actually booking something. On the plus side, the Assassination Game trailer I worked on is being featured on YouTube's home page right now and the Insidious trailers I worked on are airing on TV. I also voiced two of the trailers that play during the previews on the Insidious DVD. In addition to that, two toys that I provided the voice for showed up at retail a couple of weeks ago. I finally have my own toys! :D It also looks like I finished on several other projects that I can't talk about yet, but it's still good news. And if you didn't know, the music group The Black Keys' music video "Howlin' for You" has been nominated for the MTV Video Music Award for Best Rock Video and is featured on MTV's website. I was also interviewed by Vh1 about the project. I always believe that the more exposure the better.


I am very optimistic about the future. I'm getting steady work and more and more studios and companies are hearing me nationally so I have begun making plans to move to LA at least semi-permanently until I can make the move permanently. My situation is a little unusual because of my Autistic son. We can't change his routine too drastically without dramatic affects so we have to get him adjusted to the change. We will get him used to being there in small doses and keep our home here in the Mid-South until he's used to the new place. We are in the very early stages of planning right now: having yard sales and selling stuff to pawn shops to have less to move. I would prefer only having enough left to ship as opposed to driving a moving truck across country.


In other news, I hope to meet some more of my favorite voice actors at Dragon*Con next month (the only reason why I go to conventions). Can't wait to talk with the casts of Squidbillies, Aqua Teen Hunger Force and Futurama again!

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